Case study 

Learn how one company unlocked their ERP data with Ondema's APIs

Worldwide Precision Parts (WPP) integrated its ERP with Ondema to better visualize data, collaborate within the value chain, and boost employee productivity. In 90 days, WPP:

  • Increased on-time deliveries from 80 to 86%,
  • Increased sales by 5%,
  • Reduced overtime spend by 25%,
  • Reduced late delivery fees by 15%, and
  • Paved the way for even more significant business impacts.

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Disconnected applications, chaotic processes

Legacy scheduling and collaboration tools are inflexible, time-consuming, expensive, and error-prone:​

  • Financial systems don’t support complex schedules and processes, so orders are exported to manually-maintained spreadsheets for scheduling​.
  • Communications with customers and suppliers via email and text are impossible to track with orders.

Seamless production scheduling with imported data

Solution: Align scheduling, collaboration, and visualization while leveraging your existing ERP:​

  • Visualize and schedule orders seamlessly for teams of any size​.
  • Share status internally as well as with your customers and suppliers.​
  • Leverage investments you’ve made in ERP, MES, CRM, and financial software.
Powerful integrations...

...Without the headache.

Seamless digital flow is no longer a competitive advantage - it's become the standard. Ondema's full-suite, web-scale, serverless APIs play nicely with others, a few of which are shown below.


Integrations as easy as 1-2-3

Step 1 - Design

Decide which data fields will be projected from your ERP to Ondema.

Step 2 - Iterate

Add and remove fields as needed over time.

Step 3 - Execute

Gain full access to your data with Ondema and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Technical info & design considerations

Development cycle

Your Ondema API endpoint includes:

  • A dedicated AWS account and API endpoint,
  • Development and production keys, and
  • Development and production environments.

Your development key lets you perform as much testing as you would like, including User Acceptance Testing (UAT) testing if needed.

Reset your development environment as often as needed to keep your API development productive​.

Validate API calls by logging into Ondema as well as by reviewing database and logs directly.

Create JSON payload(s)
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Synchronization models

Ondema can implement an API synchronization model best matched to your organization's needs, such as:

Batch synchronization

Continue to manage data in your ERP with a regular export of all data from ERP to Ondema. This is best for legacy ERP without API hooks.

Event-driven synchronization

Events in your ERP system trigger API calls and individual data is updated via API calls.

Pull synchronization

Ondema queries external APIs on a regular schedule or as needed.