Basic info we need to spin up your software.

“It's easy to spin up. Everyone understands it. It does things our all-singing, all-dancing ERP can't do.”

Kyle Smith, Machine Shop President

“I spent over an hour a day just trying to figure out real-time status. Ondema cut that down to a couple minutes.”

Shukri Mohammed, Engineering Manager

Frequently-asked trial questions

Do I need to provide a payment method?

No payment method is needed to start using the software. All we need is the info from the form below.

Besides the completed form, is anything else needed?

Just one thing: please verify your email. We won't spin up your software until your email is verified.

Why? Just so we can make sure you're not an evil bot sent by our enemies to gum up our automated provisioning systems.

How long can I use the software?

You can use the Starter plan for free, forever.

A subscription is required to use Team or Pro plans beyond the 30-day trial window.

What happens with my data?

We keep your data secure and private. We're steadfast in our commitment to your data remaining exactly that - your data.

We don't share or sell your data with anyone.

We ask your explicit permission before troubleshooting anything that involves your software or data.

Should you elect to discontinue using the software at any time, we keep your data securely stored for 30 days in case you change your mind. Then it is automatically deleted.

The only thing that remains will be the melancholy from wondering what could have been...