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Open-API cloud software for growing shops with complex schedules. Easily integrated with other cloud systems to create seamless information and digital flow.

Built-in collaboration features help your shop quickly share select information with customers, suppliers, and others in your shop's value chain. This decreases lead time, minimizes time spent answering questions and coordinating moving pieces, and supercharges throughput.


Up to 15 User accounts
Up to 100 Partner accounts
advanced scheduling features
advanced reporting features
configurable dashboards
ERP, MES, CRM, and financial software integrations

Production scheduling as easy as 1-2-3

Step 1


Automate job creation by seamlessly integrating with ERP, MES, CRM, or financial software. Easily build import automation on your own using Ondema's open APIs and configurable bulk import features.

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Step 2


Manage all production scheduling and related operations with a single source of truth connected to everything that matters. Disseminate information instantly so everyone knows the plan and can execute.

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Step 3


Adjustments are still as easy as one click. Leverage proprietary algorithms for scenario-based risk assessments and predictive scheduling. Use advanced reporting to measure, fine-tune, and supercharge throughput.

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Powerful integrations...

...Without the headache.

Seamless digital flow is no longer a competitive advantage - it's become the standard.

If you're beholden to legacy "closed" systems that don't play well with other software and force your shop to use one of their modules instead of something more fit-for-purpose, it's time to prepare your factory stack for the future:

fast, flexible, and responsive software to support fast, flexible, and responsive manufacturing operations.

Avoid reinventing how you do work. Minimize the impact of learning new "everything under one umbrella" systems. Leverage the software investments your shop has already made.

Ondema's full-suite, web-scale, serverless APIs play nicely with others, a few of which are shown below.


Reduced Lead Time = Happy Customers

Davis Machine & Manufacturing is a premier manufacturer of high complexity fittings and structural work for the Aerospace and Defense industries. President Kyle Smith and Engineering Manager Shukri Mohammed discuss how using Ondema in addition to the shop's ERP system has:

  • Improved collaboration,
  • Reduced lead time,
  • Increased customer satisfaction, and
  • Led to more repeat business.

Pro plan not a fit?

For shops seeking lighter-weight solutions, check out Starter or Team plans.

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Stand-alone cloud software to digitize, simplify, and improve production scheduling for one-person shops.

Schedule jobs, track status, and spend more time building and creating. And it's free, forever.

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Configurable, lightweight cloud software for small shops to digitize production scheduling.

Ditch the spreadsheets and whiteboards. Digitize your shop's knowledge from years of hands-on shop floor experience.

Custom Solutions For the Enterprise

Our team can help your business define, architect, and deploy custom solutions with minimal hassle.

Let us know what you're looking for. We can jointly figure out a scope and solution.

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