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Built specifically for shops that have outgrown using whiteboards, spreadsheets, and general-purpose software for production scheduling.

Intuitive interfaces bring critical production information to the surface. Adjusting on the fly is easy. Everyone understands priorities and what happens if things change.


Up to 5 User accounts
Up to 10 Partner accounts
Unlimited groups and jobs
5 selectable interfaces
Resource Utilization Alerts
financial software integrations

Production scheduling as easy as 1-2-3

Step 1


Create jobs easily. Use batch uploading for multiple jobs from a spreadsheet. If you use software such as Quickbooks or Xero for quoting, seamlessly integrate for automated job creation.

Solution animation 1
Step 2


Intuitive layouts quickly surface job status. Create tasks, assignments, and milestones so everyone knows what to do. Identify potential bottlenecks before they happen.

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Step 3


One click updates job status or schedule and disseminates to the team. Easily adapt to unplanned events, or to improve production flow. Monitor resource utilization and adjust the schedule to optimize.

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Financial & accounting integrations...without the headache.

Ondema's Team plan connects with the financial tools that you already use, such as:


Our open-architecture software works seamlessly with the finance and accounting software you already rely upon.

When your work flows easily through all of your software solutions, your cash flows easily too.


Reduced Lead Time = Happy Customers

Davis Machine & Manufacturing is a premier manufacturer of high complexity fittings and structural work for the Aerospace and Defense industries. President Kyle Smith and Engineering Manager Shukri Mohammed discuss how using Ondema in addition to the shop's ERP system has:

  • Improved collaboration,
  • Reduced lead time,
  • Increased customer satisfaction, and
  • Led to more repeat business.

Team plan not a fit?

For shops seeking something more lightweight, check out our free Starter plan.

Pro adds powerful automation, reporting, and advanced production scheduling features on top of Team features, and also integrates with a broad spectrum of ERP, MES, CRM, and other solutions.



Stand-alone cloud software to digitize, simplify, and improve production scheduling for one-person shops.

Schedule jobs, track status, and spend more time building and creating. And it's free, forever.



Open-API cloud software for growing shops with complex schedules and integrated systems.

Seamlessly integrate with software you know and have invested in, including ERP, MES, and CRM solutions.

Custom Solutions For the Enterprise

Our team can help your business define, architect, and deploy custom solutions with minimal hassle.

Let us know what you're looking for. We can jointly figure out a scope and solution.

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